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name: Sarah
are you over 18?: Yes. I'm 21.
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in character information.

name: Equius Zahhak
age: 6 solar sweeps / approximately 13 years old
sex: Male
race: Troll
weight: 118
height: 5'7"
[OPTIONAL] cause of death: Strangulation
canon point: After his death in [S] Equius: Seek the highb100d
previous cr: None

history: Link

alternate history: N/A

personality: Equius Zahhak is hard to explain, but all in all, it's easiest to say that even from a troll's perspective, he's both extremely bizarre and just a little crazy. He is, like all of the other trolls, very interested in a few specific things, and those things seem to define him as a person. He is unique in that his interests include things like archery, robotics, and...poetry/art about nude, anthropomorphic "musclebeasts". He has an undying affinity for horses and horselike animals/creatures, believing them to be a perfect symbol of his greatest love, "STRENGTH", and he expresses this affinity with both eye-searing "fine artwork" that decorates his home, and terrifying poetry of his own design which he keeps hidden (thankfully), for the most part.

Equius has a terrible temper which he has to keep under control both through careful council from his moirail, and through caged brawls to the death that he participates in with "killbots" of his own design. Most of Equius's rage stems from people not adhering to the hemospectrum (the caste system upon which the trolls' society is based), or from his own inability to complete simple tasks, such as drinking a glass of milk or firing an arrow from a bow, without breaking the glass/the bow/what have you. He is extremely socially awkward and often stands and stares while people do unsavory things (like cutting people in half), but if he is personally offended, he will not hesitate to scold or chastise said offending person.

He has a fetishistic obsession with being dominated both physically and in conversation by others, especially by those whom he perceives to be inferior to him. His considerable strength makes it difficult for him to even gently touch anyone else without bruising them "like a soft summer peach", so being controlled gives him a rush that often leaves him sweating heavily. He is especially affected by being ordered around by those whom he considers lower than him (the lowbl00ds include Aradia Megido, Tavros Nitram, Karkat Vantas, and Sollux Captor) and often asks them to tell him what to do so that he can get a rise out of it (which leads many of the other trolls to avoid talking to him as much as possible). Equius's obsession with his own shame and being controlled often results in him beginning to sweat heavily as well as him being in need of copious amounts of towels to dry himself off.

In spite of his bizarre fetishes, Equius can be incredibly demanding and protective of the few people that he is close to: namely, Nepeta Leijon and the formerly mentioned Aradia. He is extremely loyal and also has a strong belief in the trolls' caste system, which he obeys (almost) unwaveringly. He considers his romantic attraction to Aradia to be scandalous and considers her death an opportunity to "place her where she belongs" on the hemospectrum: i.e., filling her robotic host body with his own blood so that she will be his equal. He considers Nepeta's blood "okay but not good", though he never refers to her as low-blooded or "filth" like he does Tavros or even Aradia before she becomes a robot. He thinks that the indigo-blooded Gamzee's behavior is ludicrous and shameful, and he often tries to "steer him in the right direction" by getting Gamzee to order him around, which Gamzee doesn't really acknowledge until much later on in the story (at which point he's gone completely insane).

Although he can be very demanding and stubborn, Equius can also be sensitive and caring, although he is typically only so with Nepeta, whom, as his "moirail", knows more about him and understands him more than any of the other trolls. He opens up to her and talks to her about how he feels for Aradia and what it means to him when her robot body explodes without her saying goodbye to him. He also allows himself to be slightly less tightly wound when alone with her, even going so far as to try to roleplay with her (though it was obvious that he didn't really understand what he was supposed to be doing and he found it to be rather frustrating because of that). He has also shown compassion by helping a few of his other fellow trolls by building robotic body parts to replace their lost limbs--his lifelong neighbor and fellow blueblood Vriska Serket and the low-blooded Tavros specifically--even though he dislikes Tavros almost exclusively simply because of his low-grade blood. He can be talked into things very easily in spite of his somewhat stubborn nature (or rather, he can be ordered to do things easily, as long as a towel is handy).

Like all of the other trolls, Equius also has a distinct typing quirk. He types in his blood color, as do the rest of the trolls, but he also begins each line of text with a "D -->", signifying an arrow being launched from a bow. He also uses percent signs in place of X's, 100's in place of the "lu" sound and 001's in place of the "ool" sound, and an assortment of horse puns from time to time (primarily when he is nervous or engaging in roleplaying games with Nepeta).

abilities/powers: Equius's most notable abilities are:

1.) His ludicrous strength. He's so strong that he can't even drink from a glass of milk without shattering it, or give his centaur-like guardian a gentle pat on the head without bruising him. He has easily beheaded a massive monster with a single punch before, as well as leapt great distances with no trouble whatsoever.

2.) His skill as a machinist. He has built an array of impressive robots throughout the course of his canon, including hundreds (if not thousands) of robots designed to fight him to the death in caged matches, a fully-functioning robotic body with a working vascular system for Aradia, a mechanical arm for Vriska, and an entire lower half for Tavros. He can build just about anything, and understands anatomy at an expert level. Unfortunately, his inability to be gentle prevents him from performing surgery or helping with any injuries that are purely bodily.

first person sample: This post + this thread in particular.

third person sample:

He walked with purpose through the darkened corridors, head held high, shoulders back. Each steel-toed footstep echoed noisily ahead and behind him, heavy and strong and tense as every muscle in his body was. Equius tried not to grind his teeth, for fear that another would break.

She will be fine. I have hidden her extremely well.

Nepeta was locked away in a room that was sure to be safe. All Equius needed to do was find Gamzee and confront him about what was happening. They would be fine. Surely Gamzee would be just. Surely. He was the most noble of what remained of their land-dwelling subsect. He could recognize when lenience was not only helpful, but necessary. He was a feeble-minded buffoon most of the time, certainly, but clearly something had snapped in him, and he simply needed to be talked down--


Equius shuddered, reaching up and running the back of one hand over his brow. It wasn't his place to talk to Gamzee like that. He would decide what he wanted to do, and he had every right to do it. If that meant killing the others, so be it. He could even kill Equius, if he wanted to. But Nepeta would be safe.

As long as she lived, it would be okay.

case no: 10-01-00 (if I can, if not, 01-10-01 or 10-01-10 work as well)
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